Bedtime Stories

Finally we'll get some answers to the questions that have plagued us for years ...

What was really going on in the nursery rhymes and childrens songs we grew up with?

Will Michael's bicycle built for two satisfy his love?

What's going on with the three men in a tub?

Did Miss Muffet behave a bit harshly to that spider?

And what about the "Letter To My Love" that got dropped and picked up by the little boy? Find out in The Letter, the first book in the Bedtime Stories Series, when we meet Emily and Stuart and discover just how badly he wants to make her fantasies come true!

In Book 2, How Does Your Garden Grow?, "Mistress Mary" discovers that all these years of searching for love among the "silver" and "cockles" would have been better spent with the "pretty maids" ... or just one ... Brenna.

Open Proposal

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How Does Your Garden Grow?
(Bedtime Stories, Book 2)


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What readers are saying about Rosemary's
debut book Open Proposal:

"Will tug your heart strings ..." ~ Heather Nestorick,
Just Erotic Romance Reviews rated the Silver Star!

"I love it, love it, love it!" ~ Pattie, email

"Passion among the trio was absolutely sweltering ..."
~ Rose Nymph, Literary Nymph Reviews

"Perfect mix of lust and emotion."
~ Loving Venus - Loving Mars

"Ms. Gunn explores the facets of love with taste,
tact and lots and lots of hot steamy sex."
~ Angi, Night Owl Reviews